Bobbi Brown opens its first UK store

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Makeup artist Bobbi Brown has opened her first UK stand alone store in Westfield White City.

The plans for this shop have been long awaited. Two years ago, Bobbi hinted that she would open a boutique in London, and now those plans have finally come into fruition!


The brand has called this new UK store “an expression of Bobbi’s unique philosophy and aesthetic, and the perfect way for consumers to discover Bobbi’s range of colour cosmetics, brushes, fragrance, skincare and expert services,”

The concept behind the store is a bit different to your local Superdrug, it has been designed to work like a little community, encouraging people to think out loud about what they love and hate about beauty, features Bobbi’s own inspiration wall with pages from her sketchbook and an artistry table for exchanging ideas.

There is also a Private Make-Up Room for lessons in makeup which can be booked alone or with friends.

Rumour also has it that a second UK store will be opening in Windsor before the New Year. The first ever Bobbi Brown store can be found in Montclair.

Will you be visiting the boutique?


Post by Phoebe Parke